Jimmy Carter calls for US to make friends with Iran after 27 years

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By Joy Lo Dico
Monday, 26 May 2008

The former US president Jimmy Carter has called for his country to resume trade relations with Iran, which he described as a "rational" nation. Speaking at the Hay Festival yesterday, Mr Carter also suggested the US should provide nuclear power technology and fuel to Iran as a show of goodwill.  read more »

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Iranian Americans Message

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Persian Pipelines!

A century after the west struck oil in the Middle East,
today's great hope for secure energy is Iran

Roger Howard
Thursday May 22, 2008 

At a time when natural resources are becoming ever more precious, the leaders
of the EU can be forgiven if they are haunted by a particular nightmare - the
accidental, or deliberate, disruption to the flow of gas from their single
largest supplier, Russia. After all, it was only in January 2006 that Russian
pipelines were briefly shut off during a pricing dispute with Ukraine, while
western Europe prepared to freeze.  read more »

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Travel to Iran with Rick Steves

Flying from Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport to Tehran’s Khomeini Airport, I considered airports others on the flight had used: Reagan, DeGaulle...four great leaders in recent history who have left their mark on entire nations. I was entering a society 30 years into the Islamic revolution of the Ayatollah Khomeini. The lives of 70 million people in the Islamic Republic of Iran have been shaped by this man. More than half the country has no memory of living under anything but a theocracy.  read more »

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A plea to quiet drums on Iran, and try talk

By Stephen Kinzer

May 11, 2008

The ominous sound of war drums is once again echoing from Washington. Hardly a day goes by without new and more vivid threats against America's newest supposed enemy, Iran. It seems almost unbelievable that the United States, so bloodied and weakened by its adventure in Iraq, would contemplate an attack on another Middle Eastern country. Yet some American leaders seem bent on it.  read more »

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